The End

The End

Given the current actions of IFCA (International Footy Class Association), and to be specific the IFCA Coordinator, I find myself no more motivated to continue to work on this site.

I mean, when the ban of a sailor who used legal threats against an IFCA member and some other people and footy sailors "was not appropriate" after he approved it some time before, I suppose that all the things I can do is to leave and to find other ways to spend my free time.
I figured that, given the actual Coordinator past and current actions, for the best of the Footy Class it is ways better if he resigns and someone better fill the position, but this is only my personal opinion.

The site will be active until the end of March 2015 and after that, all the data will be deleted.

It was a good ride, as long as it lasted.

Good bye